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Why Bother With Business Ethics?

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Many people don't see the financial payoff for ethical behavior. Why give up that extra $200 a month in false business travel expenses? The company doesn't need it and you do. Why not inflate your sales report for the year? It might mean a promotion. In fact, there are several ways that ethical behavior can actually make your company money.

See If You Are Managing All Of These 12 Risks And Whether You Are Concentrating On The Wrong Ones

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When I talk to business owners and managers, they usually tell me they think they are managing their risks successfully. Most of them probably are, regarding those risks they are managing! The danger to the business usually lies in the ones they are not managing at all, or only by default. This article looks at why this is so and gives a brief overview of the 12 main classes of risk, inviting you to think how each one applies to your business.

Integrity Is a Highly Overused Word for Many Entrepreneurs

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It's amazing the number of entrepreneurs who use the word integrity to define the way they run their business, but a closer look reveals a contradiction in their use of the word and their actions. Many of these entrepreneurs call themselves heart centered, soul based, or integrity based business owners. Yet their actions are so far removed from the very way they define themselves. Find out if integrity is a part of your business model.

What Precautions Should Be Borne in Mind While Selecting a Packers and Movers Company?

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Residential shifting requires a lot of effort and time and can prove to be a daunting process. These days, with a number of professional Packers and Movers around, you do not need to bear the brunt of the tediousness of a shifting process! They take care of the things you possess; thus, you do not end up losing files and documents during the process.

If You Think Risk Management Is Common Sense, See How That Nearly Lost Us The War In 1917.

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Many people think management in general, and especially Risk Management, is nothing more than applied common sense. Now I am always in favour of managers, and everyone else, applying their common sense to every problem. However, there are some situations where the right answer is not obvious, and there is a need to dig a little deeper than usual. This example from World War I is an excellent illustration of how hard it can be to accept an important truth when it seems to contradict long-held beliefs.

The Disconnect Between Business Values and Societal Needs

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Business owners have a responsibility to give societal needs more priorities than just making a profit at the expense of society. Yet, it seems like society rewards the wrong business values and punishes the socially-conscious ones. Veganism and raw-veganism is about values and societal impact and businesses in this arena need to look at profits through that point of view.

Energy sector a prime target for cyber attacks

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Any government that wants to set priorities for cybersecurity should probably put its energy infrastructure close to the top.

[Changeable default passwords are not seen as vulnerabilities by ICS-CERT, but should they be?]

If your electricity or fuel supplies are down, it's tough to provide just about anything else. Heat, refrigeration, water, factories, financial services, power equipment, groceries, retail, and entertainment — they all depend on the power grid.

So it is no surprise that the energy sector ranks close to the top of targets for cyber attackers. If you really want to cripple anything, from an enterprise to a nation state, take down its power infrastructure.

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Fair Trade in a Free Market?

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In our modern world, there is without a doubt, a necessity for a free market economy and supply chain. But in today's world of rapidly growing populations, it is also vital to have intermediaries who get products and services to the marketplace in a principled manner where as much value is kept by the producer as possible.

Moving From Reactive To Proactive Risk Management

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As the risk landscape continues to evolve and threaten the stability, survival, value-creation processes and performance of the business, the board and management team must move from reactive to proactive risk management. The business environment is changing at unprecedented pace. The huge transformational shifts taking place within the economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological realms are not only presenting opportunities for success and growth. These shifts are also posing systemic risks because of their interconnectedness.

Safety Management Systems - 5 Brilliant Tips to Get Yours Kick Started

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Developing your own Work Health and Safety system can appear to be a daunting project, particularly as you try to juggle the every day tasks of running a business. This guide will clarify the path to safety compliance and help you avoid the hidden pitfalls and time wasting efforts. You can create a safety management system that effectively manages risk, leads you to compliance and will actively engage your workforce.

Is Partnering an Opportunity Or a Risk? These 12 Questions May Help You Decide Which It Is For You

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You know you can make plenty of mistakes all by yourself, but to get into a real mess you need help. Partnering can lead to great opportunities. However, it also allows your business to suffer from mistakes over which you have no control and may even know nothing about. If you are in, or are about to go into, a partnering arrangement and think this statement is an exaggeration, try answering the twelve questions in this article and think again. Then think how you are going to control the risks.. unless you really want to live dangerously.

Shaun White: Halfpipe Principled Performance in Sochi


As everyone watching the Olympics or reading any news media knows already, Shaun White decided a few days ago to drop out of the slopestyle snowboarding event in Sochi, avoiding the risk of injury that might undermine achievement of his top priority goal – a record-setting win in the halfpipe competition. This is a great example of Principled Performance decision-making in action.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Credit Insurance But Were Afraid To Ask

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The article addresses the typical concerns people have when considering buying Credit Insurance. It provides a balanced an impartial response to the sort of questions people have fired at me throughout many many years in this industry. I seek to avoid jargon and explain how Credit Insurance will make your business more profitable. Bold claims I agree but read on and see what you think.


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